Technical Research

Synergistic Financial Advisors provides Technical Research.Our Technical Research Report is devised keeping in view the objective of providing actionable advice to our clients. Our Technical Research is customized to provide tailor made solutions to the unique needs and requirements of our diversified clientele. Our timing decisions are taken by looking for changes in volume and volatility, we apply this methodology to the broader market, to identify areas offering best utilization of our client’s resources.

Our technical analysis utilizes four kinds of indicators. The following is a brief description of the indicators and their efficacy:

Time Convergence

SFA Technical Research particularly emphasizes on TIME FRAME CONVERGENCE, analyzing markets in several timeframes and use both the trend-following indicators and oscillators. Our strategic trading recommendations to trade long or short are based on trend-following indicators on long-term charts. Our tactical recommendations to enter or exit are taken using oscillators on shorter-term charts. Each screen utilizes a different timeframe and set of indicators. These screens filter out many trades that seem attractive at first. TIME FRAME CONVERGENCE promotes a careful and cautious approach to trading.

Trend and Momentum

  • These indicators tell us the direction behind a stock or market move
  • They include measures of price, breadth, volume and relative strength


  • These indicators try to determine market participants that are bullish and participants that are bearish
  •  These indicators also determine the magnitude of those sentiments

Supply – Demand

  • These indicators deal with the amount of new stock and the buying power on the sidelines
  • Secondary offerings and mutual fund cash are two such measures

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