Portfolio Management

Synergistic Financial Advisors places a special emphasis on its Portfolio Management Services. Our Portfolio Management Services range from full blown active strategies, aimed at maximizing outperformance, to highly efficient indexing strategies. Choice of the strategy utilized for portfolio management is contingent on our client’s investment objectives. Our unique value proposition is our experience and emphasis placed on developing a suitable Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) for our clients to determine the macro asset allocation. We are well cognizant of the fact that understanding the client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints is the key to a mutually beneficial and a long lasting relationship with the client. Therefore a considerable time is taken out to develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints. Portfolio Management Services include the following:

Institutional Wealth Management

Synergistic Financial Advisors provides a broad range of services to various institutional investors, we provide sophisticated client-focused investment solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. We specialize in providing wealth management services to Pension Plans, Provident Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Insurance Companies and Cash Allocation for Corporations.

Following systematic approach is utilized by SFA for providing Institutional Management Services:

  • Determining the relevant information on the basis of client’s type i.e. Pension or Foundation
  • Gathering information regarding the regarding the client
  • Assessing and analyzing the information gathered
  • Determining the client’s investment objectives and constraints on the basis of assessment and analysis of information gathered
  • Developing the Investment Policy Statement by utilizing the Investment Objectives and Constraints determined
  • Determining the suitable macro asset allocation for the client’s portfolio in light of the IPS
  • Choosing an appropriate strategy or a mix of strategies to be utilized on the basis of IPS
  • Determining the suitable micro asset allocation in light of the selected strategies
  • Continuously monitoring and updating the portfolio
  • Evaluating the portfolio performance after regular time interval

Private Wealth Management

Synergistic Financial Advisors Private Wealth Management serves high net worth individuals and families.Our experienced team is committed to meeting the needs of wealthy clients and those aspiring to become wealthier. We have been dedicated to serving our clients through a relationship based on intimacy, integrity and mutual trust.

When a new client comes to Private Wealth Management, our relationship begins with a discovery process – an in-depth dialogue to identify all the factors surrounding and defining the client’s wealth. This includes the client’s short and long-term goals and concerns, the structure of his or her holdings, and the client’s exposure to – and tolerance for – risk.

Our wealth management team then works with the client to construct, implement and monitor an asset allocation strategy that will help the client achieve his/her many objectives.Following  approach is utilized by SFA professionals to meet Private Wealth Management needs of our clients:

  • Developing an insight to client’s measure of wealth and sources of wealth
  • Understanding  Client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints
  • Understanding Client’s long term and short term goals
  • Determining  Client’s Risk Tolerance and Unique Circumstances
  • Balancing the client’s risk and return objectives
  • Writing the detailed policy document of the client
  • Determining the appropriate asset allocation in light of client’s long term and short term objectives
  • Continuously monitoring and updating the portfolio
  • Evaluating the portfolio performance after regular time interval

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