Analyst Outsourcing

24/7 access to qualified professionals at your finger tips

Synergistic Financial Advisors specializes in outsourcing services, with the core focus on Analyst Outsourcing services.SFA offers unique services of full time and/or project based analyst outsourcing.We do recognize that in today’s market accurate and efficient information transfer plays a pivotal role in a company’s success. Keeping this as part of our mission and vision, we have developed systems which ensure timely, objective, accurate and efficient transfer of knowledge form our analyst work stations to our client’s inbox, while maintaining confidentiality.Our value proposition is “A competitive necessity”. Subscription to our Analyst Outsourcing services enables our clients to achieve revenue enhancement, through increased coverage and services, as well as cost reduction through comparatively inexpensive and highly trained human resource.

SFA professionals are sourced from some of the leading universities and companies across Pakistan with functional expertise in data management, investment research, equity research, data processing, business research and analytics.We provide efficient and cost effective services to our clients, while constantly thriving to provide trained analysts at lower cost to offshore financial services firms with quality control checks. SFA’s services include the following:

Full Time Analyst 

Keeping in view the current industry structure and clients consistent need of developing systems that enable them to have competitive edge over their competitors, SFA offers services of full time analyst, providing its client cost advantage over its competitors. Our high standards ensure that our clients get the best possible service, and that the Full Time Analyst services are fully integrated with the client’s corporate system such that the client becomes indifferent to hiring internally or outsourcing an analyst from us.

  • Full Time Analyst will work as an employees of the firm
  • Full Time Analyst will work up-to 60 hours / week
  • Analyst will remain available round the clock via telephone / e-mail/Skype
  • Analyst’s working hours will be consistent with the client’s time-zone
  • Analyst will be at client disposal and  may assign any  tasks and responsibility
  • SFA  associate will work closely with the analyst to ensure quality
  • SFA associate will also be available in case of any queries
  • Contract duration: 3 months, 6 months,  12 months or tailored according to client specific needs

Project Based Analyst

Project based Analyst services are designed by SFA, keeping in view the clientele requiring specialized services, to carry through a project within a given timeline. Leveraging our in-depth expertise of various sectors and dedicated work force enables us to provide these services. A number of individuals with expertise in the sector of client’s choice and associate level capabilities are allocated to the project to provide these services in the most efficient manner. Number of individuals allocated to the project depends upon SFA as SFA takes full responsibility of the completion of the project within the timeline agreed upon with the client.Through efficient quality management systems SFA ensures timely completion of project and dispatch of deliverables.

  • Project Based Analysts will be available for clients for executing  specific projects
  • Sector specialists provide specialized expertise in either financial modeling or research writing 
  • Analysts will execute the task according to pre specified time line
  • Number of individuals allocated to the project rationalized on the basis of given timeline
  • Fee based upon the amount of work required and timeline available for project completion
  • Contract is based on the nature of project

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