Equity Research

Synergistic Financial Advisor’s Equity Research division caters to its diversified clientele, our equity research team provides premium research services within agreed deadlines. Our associates (usually CFAs, MBAs or ACCA’s,) provide a full range of equity research services, ranging from searching and aggregating data, initiating coverage, building / updating financial models to complementing our client’s effort in publishing quarterly updates. Our services also include industry and sector analysis, analysis of regulatory regime and analysis of bond yields / credit market instruments.

We differ from our competitors through our in-depth analysis of the business by placing special emphasis on understanding the business model and incorporating each and every variable affecting the business. Independence and objectivity is practiced by our research division. Our Equity Research reports are designed keeping in mind the shortcomings of traditional equity research reports, such as not highlighting the assumptions used related to operational aspects of the company and providing sensitivity analysis with key variables etc.. Our Equity Research Services are specifically valuable for buy side clients, given the fact that our equity research team is not incentivized on issuing a favorable research.Equity Research Services include the following:

Standard Equity Research Report

Our Standard Equity Research Report spanning 20-30 pages, covers all aspects of the business, highlights the operational assumptions utilized, educates the client on the operational efficiencies and deficiencies of the business, provides sensitivity analysis with key variables such as discount rates, inflation rates etc, allowing the clients to assess the value of the business according to his/her own expectation and contains detailed analysis of a stock, including:

  • Investment Highlights
  • Investment Risks
  • SWOT analysis
  • Forecast of financial statements;
  • Absolute Valuation (DCF analysis, Gordon Growth, Sum of Parts, Residual Income )
  • Relative Valuation (based on PE, PS, EV/EBITDA and other multiples
  • Company profile (analysis of business model, products, assets etc.)
  • Financial statement analysis

Customized Research Report

Synergistic Financial Advisors also offer Customized Research Reports.These research reports are tailored to meet our client’s diversified requirements. In addition to our equity research universe, clients can also get fundamental research on stocks that are not currently covered by our Equity Research team through our Customized Research Report services. . Furthermore, clients can also opt to add more sections to our Standard Equity Research Reports or omit some of the sections provided in our Standard Equity Research Reports.

  • Reports can be published either on our proprietary template or a template provided by the client
  • Reports can be issued on markets not currently covered by SFA
  • Reports can be issued on stocks not currently included in SFA’s Equity Research universe
  • Report structure can be tailored to meet client’s needs
  • Fundamental Research on Commodities can also be issued

Sector Research Report

Synergistic Financial Advisors offers Sector Research Reports.We publish a range of reports on various sectors in Pakistan. Our Sector Research Report services provide details on how an industry is faring, whether current policies favor the industry etc., ensuring that our clients select the best performing industries, while developing in-depth understanding of associated risks with investing in the industry.In our Sector Research Reports we also highlight our preferred picks in the industry, highlighting the rationale of our selection of the stock. Following sectors are covered by SFA:

  • Banking
  • Fertilizer
  • Textile
  • Cement
  • Automobile
  • Power

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